Given the nature of our society and the constraints on the lives of our youth, we aim (through Sunday School and Events) to educate, inspire and affirm the faith of our children in God to provide protection, support and love to them. 



We inspire and celebrate the rich legacy of the Black Sacred Tradition through the display and performance of Traditional, Contemporary and Sacred Gospel Music with the infusion of Spirituals. In addition to our Church Choir, we have a Community Choir, Celebration Gospel Choir which supports our church and the community in the spread of God's love through song. Meets on Wednesdays 6-8 pm, Sanctuary. All are invited to join us. 


Outreach and Inreach both function for the building up of God's Kingdom. These are a few of the ministries we use to achieve the Great Commission!

Everlyn Butler Women's Missionary Society


Our Local Missionary Society works to support our local community through meeting the needs, physical and spiritual of those within our community.


"From our National Organization"

As the Women’s representational entity of the AMEC nationally and worldwide, the WMS has a record of 131 years of service committed to winning souls to Christ, health, economic, peace and justice issues. The WMS hosts an annual conference at the United Nations every October at which members of the various agencies and components of the United Nations offer workshops and seminars on current global issues. The WMS has established a Foundation to support education through scholarships and social and economic development for the diversified constituencies we are privileged to serve. You can find more about our National Organization here.

Sunday School


Each Sunday Morning, we aim to further our understanding of God's word for us through the use of material, help-aids and instructional material. Currently, we have one adult class but would love to instruct youngsters as well on the biblical principals needed for a successful Christian walk. Sunday Morning at 10 am