Rev. Loretta Dickerson Smith​


Rev. Luella Strong

Itinerant Elder


Rev. Robert Morton

Itinerant Deacon


Trustees in the African Methodist Episcopal Church have the responsibility of all church property. This includes management, maintenance, development, and use of property under the direction of the church’s Official Board for the support of the programs approved by the congregation. The Trustees are caretakers of the property that has been entrusted to their care. Duties and responsibilities of Trustees are defined in more detail in the 2012 A.M.E. Church Discipline.


2019/2020 Conference Year

Bro. Dwayne McDougle

Bro. Larry Williams

Bro. Jason Winton


Stewards in the African Methodist Episcopal Church are Appointed by the Pastor. Stewards are committed to addressing the spiritual concerns of the church, advise the Pastor. Stewards manage the church finances, attend to sick and distressed and handle support the Pastor in the administration of the church. 

2019/2020 Conference Year

Sis. Billie Jackson - Steward Pro-Tem

Sis. Virginia Walker

Sis. Bonny Hamilton

Sis. Lesa Johnson

Sis. Shawnya Abrams

Bethel AME Chico's Leadership Team