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Bethel AME Church, Chico

Bethel AME, Chico is transparent about the usage of our finances. Our Pastor and the musicians are paid for their work at our church, in addition to them we pay forward our assessments to the AME Church, through our district and episcopal leadership; We have a Presiding Elder who supervises the work of our local churches and a Bishop who oversees the larger work of the AME Church in 5th Episcopal District. 

Additionally, but more honestly we support local efforts to house and feed the unhoused persons in Butte and Glenn Counties. We provide bill support, and energy assistance and also have a small pantry for providing emergency food supplies. We provide our space for usage by the community and groups who serve this two-county area. 

The Celebration Gospel Choir and Ensemble use our facility for rehearsals and several community groups meet here, including an Alcoholics Anonymous Group.

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